A different arch viz studio

Walk the Room is a partner in commercial property and public space communication. Merging art with business, technology and architecture, we shape environments for the next generation. We operate at the core of the property industry, where vision of a space comes to life and is developed into a final product for people to enjoy. We care about people and in the importance of spaces around them. Our intention is not only to produce appealing visuals, but to shape the environments where people spend their lives so they can thrive. We strive to make the process of bringing a property to life smooth for everybody involved. Our unique niche, values and competencies is what makes us different.

Vision & mission

  • Vision
    To shape environments for the next generation

    We inspire and create "conscious environments" - spaces where beauty, comfort, sustainability and productivity are in perfect harmony


We believe that environments where people spend their lives ought to harmonically integrate four dimensions to ensure that they will thrive in them. They have to be beautiful (aesthetically pleasing), sustainable (facilitating ecological and healthy behaviors), productive (enabling efficient work and collaboration), and comfortable (making people feel good). We call such environments “conscious environments and seek to influence creation of future environments with this philosophy in mind.


We pride ourselves on having a multidisciplinary team in control of a broad array of competencies. 3D artists, interior architects, marketers, strategists  and technology geeks - to name a few. Such diverse mix and teamwork makes us a reliable partner in architectural visualizations, virtual reality, filmmaking, interior architecture, property communication and interior design.

A partner

We are a partner in the process of forming an environment. This means going beyond the responsibility of creating beautiful visual outputs. After all, what we conceptualize together with our clients and their partners, becomes a reality in the near future. We have a thorough understanding of complexity of commercial property development and are able to integrate all necessary stakeholders and their inputs into a successful communication.

quality above all

We belong to top property communication companies in Europe and as such, striving for excellence in all aspects of our work is paramount for us. This means focusing on continuously adding value in whatever we take on, putting learning and development of our people among our top priorities and never losing sight of what we believe in.