a value-driven 3D studio for property communication

Walk the Room (WtR) is a different 3D studio for property communication. We pride ourselves on the artistic greatness of our visuals, but equally on our in-depth understanding of the real estate business. By combining art, technology, architecture and business acumen, we are your partner in the process of bringing a property to life. We strive to make the process of bringing a property to the market smooth for everybody involved. Our unique approach, values and competencies is what makes us different.


"to shape environments for the next generation"

Multidisciplinary team

We pride ourselves on having a multidisciplinary team in control of a broad array of competencies. 3D artists, architects, marketers, consultants, sales strategists, researchers and technology geeks - to name a few. Such diverse mix and teamwork makes us a reliable partner in delivery of your communications of real estate.

Virtual Reality and more

Powerful property communication requires a broad technological skillset and mastery of an array of digital tools, that are readily available and at your disposal. We invest heavily in our people and technology backend, making sure we stay relevant and cutting edge when it comes to the latest in 3D images, Virtual Reality, filmmaking and Augmented Reality.

Business-minded partner

We are your partner in the process of bringing a property to life. This for us means going way beyond creating beautiful visual outputs. After all, what we conceptualize together with our clients and their partners, becomes a reality in the near future. We have a thorough understanding of the complexity of property development and are able to integrate inputs of all stakeholders into a powerful and successful communication.

Quality above all

We belong to top property communication studios in Europe and as such, striving for excellence in all aspects of our work is paramount for us. This means focusing continuously on adding value for our clients in whatever we take on, relentlessly seeking to get better every day and never losing sight of what we stand for.