A productive workspace environment

Quality workspace environment plays a major role in boosting productivity and business performance. It's where your employees spend a great amount of their time - performing tasks, innovating, collaborating, learning and networking. It’s where the vision of your business manifests itself. It's a beacon of your company’s culture and values - where your people thrive, your clients get to see and your future employees may be intrigued by. If you share the view that office belongs to company’s greatest assets, Studio 2 is the right partner for you. Regardless of whether you are considering moving offices, refurbishing or just rethinking how to use your space, this change - if done correctly - can have a profound impact on your company’s business performance.

a full-service workspace concept studio, revolutionizing the way companies think about their offices

We are architects, designers, researchers and workspace consultants and we envision a world where workspace environments are designed for maximum productivity. We focus deeply on “employee wellbeing” (healthy and undisturbed body and mind) and “company wellbeing” (brand, efficient collaboration, smooth operations etc.)

Workspace matters. Big time.

Numerous leading research studies confirm that company’s workspace environment greatly affects its bottom line - employees’ creativity, innovativeness, volume of output, as well as their health (sick days) and overall engagement. Considering ever-increasing salaries that typically constitute a vast majority of company’s operating costs, it is no surprise that there is growing emphasis on maximizing impact of offices on people’s productivity. 

‍Workspace as part of business performance

It is very easy to lose track of the bigger picture and build a workspace environment around recent office trends, fresh interior design and hip furniture. While beauty and aesthetics do contribute to productivity, there is so much more to what constitutes a truly productive workspace environment of the future. Simply put, it’s time to start developing every company’s office into one of It’s greatest assets.

Workspace productivity, drivers and some benefits

Our Engine: What makes us different

Cross-functional network

We are a cross-functional team  of interior architects, designers, researchers and workspace consultants with a broad network of doctors, psychologists and ecologists, to name a few. Such multidisciplinary approach is a prerequisite to building workspace environments of the future. We are all driven by quality and the impact it generates.‍

Research-based methodology

Your office is about the people inhabiting it and the activities that take place there. We observe, ask and listen to make sure we have a solid understanding of your employees, processes and company culture, before we start forming the new concept. Our methodology of creating productive workspace environments is grounded in our cross-functional global research. We will advice you on how to structure and design your office to raise productivity and deliver transformational results.

3D visualisation

Do you want to see the workspace environment before committing to future furniture and design investments? Studio 2 co-operates closely with our Studio 1. Thanks to our team of experts, you can easily review and assess your office concept using 3D images and immersive Virtual Reality. Hence, ensuring no surprises once the design is implemented - you can tell us exactly what you like and what parts of the concept do not fully meet your expectations.

Creation process

We tailor our approach depending on the size of your company and your needs,


"To boost productivity and joy in every workspace"