Communicating Spaces

Kungsleden AB

Communicating Spaces

Kungsleden AB

the context

Kungsleden AB is publicly traded long-term property owner that offers attractive and functional office spaces to enrich people's everyday workday. The company places strong emphasis on people who work in their offices. Their strategy builds on property clusters all over Sweden and seeks to be always ahead of the market. Walk the Room has produced 150+ still images and 40+ Virtual Reality spots all over Sweden, profiling their respective properties and property clusters individually, but within a shared high-level concept in mind.

The need

With a new marketing strategy at place, Kungsleden contracted Walk the Room as a partner for delivering the new strategy in terms of still images and Virtual Reality (recently). As Kungsleden seeks to be ahead of the market in communicating space and guiding potential tenants (large and small) to quality office decisions, utilizing top-class and innovative communication tools is very important for them.

The approach

We began with focusing on in-depth understanding of Kungsleden’s actual needs, their corporate values and the transition the company has been making with respect to the new strategy and positioning. Based on our initial assessment, we proposed a toolbox to communicate their vacant spaces in the most efficient way, including still images, detailed images and a new way to use Virtual Reality in commercial property communication. Every regional office of Kungsleden was equipped with hardware (VR headsets) and content (virtual walkarounds). Maintaining close contact with architects and brokers has been important throughout the partnership, to ensure that what was visualized was relevant to the final client and could be physically delivered. Special photography session of actors were held to connect images to the target group and put focus on the people. Actors were carefully selected, photographed and added to Kungsleden’s still images in post production.

Virtual Reality

Communicating Spaces
Kungsleden AB

The people

Some of the lucky ones selected

Doing things differently is valuable

As a result of this very innovative approach, Kungsleden was at the center of attention during the Stockholm property fair. People visiting them could walk around the cluster offices in VR and discover hidden gems (e.g. a conference room with Pokemons flying around in the high tech area cluster in Kista, Stockholm). Of course, all office spaces showed available vacancy and directed prospects further down the sales funnel.

Kungsleden on property fair

“We have developed the latest virtual reality technique - a new way to showcase and market our offices. It is an example of what we do to stay ahead of the market and deliver the best service to our existing and potential clients.”
Anders Kvist, Vice president and financial director

Inspiration from residential developments

Together with Kungsleden, we took inspiration from various residential development to emphasize the emotional aspect of the space, not only functional. A great understanding of spaces and what makes an environment great made it possible for us to freely move the digital camera and take detailed shots. The result was an additional emotional component to the marketing material, as well as more interesting presentation of each vacant office thanks to the additional detailed images.

Applying the toolbox

Every vacant office has it's unique characteristics, requiring us to approach each individually and present it in the best possible light. Apart from printed media and web communication, both Virtual Reality and images were used on-site, through physical prints and portable VR headsets. As the deal with tenants is made in the actual space, we brought as much action and inspiration to the physical premises as possible - helping Kungsleden showcase the potential of the space to the prospective tenant. Always connecting the vision with what can actually be built, the approach was a great way to guide the tenants into a partner-like business relationship, even after signing.

The result

Walk the Room is valued as a “team member” in communicating Kungsleden’s environments digitally. We are expecting the partnership to grow, as we continually add value, help keep vacancies low and help Kungsleden win large pitches.