The Stockholm Central Station

Jernhusen Stations

The Stockholm Central Station

Jernhusen Stations

the context

Jernhusen develops and manages property along the Swedish railway. Their properties strive to make transportation easy and to supply people working and living close to the railway with suitable services. Many of their properties are cultural landmarks - as is the Stockholm Central Station, which was to be renovated into a modern office spaces competing with newly built modern buildings in the area.

The need

To bring the Central Station offices to a new level and meet demands of today's tenants, a complete renovation and an eye-catching marketing material was required. BSK architects created a concept that preserved the historical elements and met today’s offices standards. Garbergs PR agency crafted a marketing strategy to bring the “renovation” to market. Walk the Room merged the architectural concept and the marketing strategy into one through its high quality renders, with strong focus on materials and furniture. The final renders had to be exact to withstand comparison to the existing space (furnished and renovated showing room) and connect ideas with what could be achieved in reality.

“PBL 8 kap § 17: Change of building (...) shall be carefully carried out to maintain the buildings character and keep its technical, cultural history, environmental and artistic values”

The concept

With the cultural heritage in mind, the most suitable target group were traditional corporations or new high-profile start-ups and digital companies. With respect to that, two extreme furniture concepts were created following the structural renovation. Traditional furniture concept was inspired by Mad Men TV series, simply going back to the 1960s office style. High tech furniture concept was inspired by the rather crazy furnishings of modern gaming agencies, creating an eye catching contrast.

Mad Men inspired - Traditional cooperation target group

Game industry inspired - High tech target group

The approach

A few interior areas were selected to be showcased to the decision makers - a pantry area (common space where personnel usually hangs out), office rooms, the corridor and one meeting room. Those areas were dressed up in the two extreme furniture concepts, along with a few detailed shots, entrance hall shot and a panorama photomatch. To maintain flexibility of the interiors as the design concept developed, all details were modelled in 3D, with almost no post production. This also allowed us to convey the new lightning concept, as well as the subtleness of coloring and materials.

Old decisions vs. New decisions

Conference rooms dressed up in the two furniture concepts

Utilizing the space differently

a solid base

Lightning concepts and ventilation

The base



Traditional cooperations - More traditional camera positions

High tech concept - More progressive camera positions

The corridor became "The gallery"

The result

The Stockholm Central Station
Jernhusen Stations