Sthlm New


Sthlm New


the context

Stockholm New Creative Business Spaces is a cluster of commercial office buildings in the south part of Stockholm, comprising of approximately 100,000 sqm office space. A vibrant part of Stockholm is in the making there, with fashion, IT, games, media and music at the forefront. Walk the Room was brought in to communicate the area and the different buildings in the best possible way using Virtual Reality and still images. Given the different target groups of the individual buildings, continuous tweaking of the architecture and the high number of decision makers, Skanska needed a partner that understood the process of property marketing, could coordinate all inputs and transform them into a tangible visual result.

The approach

A multi-building development in a new area requires a clear target group and communication of available space and buildings  to appeal to the future workforce. Each building required a customized approach in order to achieve the right ambiance, diversify the area and highlight certain unique aspects. For example, a prospective tenant of the skyscraper could take a Virtual Tour - starting outside the building, grabbing a coffee in the atrium café, walking through the offices and finishing at the sky bar overlooking a beautiful skyline of evening Stockholm. Still images of another building, the Art house (7,500 sqm), were all visually connected to art in various forms. Together with a specific photography session with carefully selected actors, spray cans, handpicked artworks and suitable furniture, the output created from was highly relatable to the specific target group


Attracting award winners (learn more)

Markers of the target group (image - Familjen Pangea)

Fashionable items (image - Familjen Pangea)

The colors (image - Familjen Pangea)

The people (image - Familjen Pangea)

Focus on materials (image - Sauerbruch Hutton)

Applying the toolbox

The production has been ongoing in various phases over the last 3 years. We have invested extra effort in making sure that the produced output is useful for our client and valuable in personal meetings with the tenants - where the deals are made. Apart from a dedicated website, printed media and online campaign, we have worked closely with the marketing team at Skanska to ensure maximum value of the output of the still images and Virtual Reality produced. Virtual Reality has been used during physical visits of the new development to connect the vision of the final project with a sense of the actual space.

Traditional media coverage

All decision makers are not on the web

Stills with character

"Seaside" & "the Art house"

The art house interior
Sketch (Sauerbruch Hutton)

The Skanska Virtual Reality case is the best I have seen, we have been walking around for three days straight”
Dominik Piskunowicz, Co-founder of The Construct

Virtual Reality

Sthlm New

The result

Together with the Skanska team, architects and the PR agency, the still images and the Virtual Reality helped shape the final form of Stockholm New and made the decision process during the development smoother. Two of the three houses are almost fully rented out and Walk the Room is proud to be a partner in the ongoing development in the area of Stockholm New.